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RentXZ Rewards Program

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At RentXZ, we believe you should have the most out of every time & activity you do. And so, we give you special reward points for every activity you do at site.

The RentXZ Rewards Program has been designed keeping in mind your preferences and activity to earn more. Every time you do actiity like signup, profile update, locality, property, agent review, refer to friend etc, you earn rewards points on every activity you do. You can redeem your reward points for gift vouchers, electrical appliances, accessories, lifestyle products, and so on.

Below are the all activity you can earn rewards:

  • Signup and Making Detailed Tenant Profile: 200 Rewards Points
  • Post Classified: 50 Points
  • Agent Enquiry / View Contact Number: 100 Points
  • Property Details Reviews: 500 Points
  • Invite Friends (On Successful Join and completion of their profiles): 500 Points
  • Rate the Locality: 100 Points
  • Rate the Agents: 300 Points
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